Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Baking Russian Tea Cookies & Breaking Oplatki: Making Holidays Special

The Holiday Season joins family and friends together to share tradition and build memories. This is the time of year we reconnect with those loved ones we may not see regularly—including elderly family members.

Make sure the Holidays are enjoyable for everyone. Elderly family members may require special consideration when planning your holiday celebrations. Preempt restrictions and be creative.

Be prepared. The Holidays are an opportunity to see some family we haven’t seen in a while. What seemed—to those in most regular contact—a natural, incremental physical or mental change for an aging individual may come as an alarming surprise. If you haven’t seen Aunt Eleanor in some time, her waning vision may be startling to you.

Avoid alarm by being prepared for changes. Then, take the necessary steps to see to it that your family member is being cared for by those closest to him or her. Have a conversation with the family member/s responsible for direct care. Be sure that elderly family member is being cared for appropriately.

Clear the Way. Salt the sidewalks and save a prime parking spot in the driveway for an elderly family member or the car they come in. If an elderly family member has mobility issues, make sure you’ve cleared the way within your home to navigate safely with a walker or other assistance.