Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Innovations in Healthcare - Where does Disruptive Change Start?


Health care ‘system’ seems to be an oxymoron. There is limited observable evidence that there is anything systematic about health care delivery.  Jim Champy highlighted this point in his article the Radical Rethinking Health Care Delivery. It is not systematic because it is not integrated. Because health care delivery is not integrated, it is inefficient and costly. Therefore it needs drastic and disruptive change. The proof is in the facts from an annual employer survey conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation:
  • Employee premiums have jumped to 9% in 2011 
  • Over the course of 13 years of this survey; health insurance premiums has increase by a whopping 168% in drastic comparison to workers wages and inflation which only increased 50% and 38% respectively over this same period. 
Technology and innovation has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of services in almost every industry but health care.