Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our Story: From Love of a Mother and Daughter

When the relationship between Kathi and her mother Stella was beginning to erode because of stress, they knew they needed to do something. The stress arose when Stella’s medications mounted to 8 pills per day.

Stella's health and confidence were declining. Confusion and frustration were growing.

Kathi's love for her mother and deepest desire to maintain a loving relationship with Stella inspired resourcefulness and creativity.

Kathi’s solution began with a reused piece of cardboard. Kathi taped a sample of each pill to one side—organizing the pills in the order in which they should be taken throughout the day. Next to each pill, Kathi recorded name, dosage, usage and special instructions. Kathi even drew small icons to depict what each pill was used for.

This visual pill list helped Stella become more familiar with each pill. Using the visual list, Stella could identify each pill separately, match it to its corresponding dosage instructions, and take each pill as prescribed. Thereby following her daily pill schedule, and doing so confidently.

This visual pill list was even taken along to routine doctor visits, the pharmacy and in case of an emergency. When medical professionals would ask which pills Stella was taking, the visual list was presented.

Referring to this list, together medical professionals, Kathi and Stella would discuss the list and further familiarize themselves with each pill—the what, when, why and how. In this way, the list served as a communication tool to exchange information between the medical professionals, Kathi and Stella. This dialogue and the information it provided further reinforced Stella’s ability to take her pills at home with confidence.

Once the stress and confusion was eliminated in Stella’s life, Kathi too was stress free. The focus was off the pills and back on their relationship. Stella was healthy and so was their relationship.

We want you to share in this story. Help yourself or your loved one:
  • Know and become familiar with pills
  • Strengthen relationships with loved ones, friends and network of care
  • Improve communication and dialogue with medical professionals
  • Build confidence in knowing each pill--the when, why, and how
  • Nurture a happier and healthier you! 
Stella and Kathi's relationship lives on in the Pill Pouch.

The Original Pill Pouch