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Take diabetes pill twice daily. Remember: thyroid pill in the morning, prior to eating. Beware: blood pressure pill before bed and you won’t sleep because of frequent visits to the restroom. So much to recall!

Is your day metered by a medication regimen? In ancient times, humankind measured the time of day by the position of the sun. These days many of us find our medication regimen helps us track time.  Pill by pill, we tell the time of day. One after another, we must recall an entire time-telling sequence in order to stay healthy.

When did our health become so complicated? Certainly, the advent of new and developing medication therapies have helped to improve health and quality of life, yet from expanding possibility issues complexity. We are better able to treat a variety of ailments. And now, we can optimize health, but do so with multiple medications.

Challenges ensue. The threat of drug interactions and improper consumption loiter in our psyche. The need to coordinate various conditions, medical professionals, and prescribed medication therapies can be daunting.

Don’t give up. It’s your health. Take command.

There’s a way to simplify the oft complicated task of medication management.

The solution: the Pill Pouch. Pill Pouch is a simple idea made to simplify medication management.

Pill Pouch is a medication management visual aid. It helps individuals take control of complex medication regimens. It provides a precise and consolidated view of an individual’s complete medication regimen. It includes a visual of each pill with name, dosage, usage, and other pertinent information. It’s simple. It’s portable.

As we no longer visit one doctor for all conditions, we not only have multiple medications, but multiple medical professionals to manage. The Pill Pouch also helps an individual coordinate their network of medical professionals and the medication therapies they prescribe.

Your cardiologist may not know your primary care physician. Your primary care physician may never know your pharmacist. The RN in the emergency room doesn’t know the medical professional that prescribed Prilosec for acid reflux, but because of the Pill Pouch he knows it’s part of you medication regimen. He can administer treatment accordingly, avoiding harmful drug interactions.

Multiple specialists. Multiple medications. No communication. You’re left as the one responsible for overseeing this somewhat precariously coordinated network, and you yourself are not a medical professional. Intimidating? Yes, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be so.

With the Pill Pouch you can organize and consolidate your medication and corresponding information into one source. Though the medical professionals in your life may never consult one another when administering treatment to you, the Pill Pouch gives them each direct access to the medication therapies their colleagues prescribe.

The Pill Pouch functions in this manner: it connects and coordinates otherwise disparate medical professionals and the medications they prescribe. One medical professional can see what another has prescribed and avoid the error of administering treatment or prescribing an additional medication that would precipitate a harmful interaction.

Medication errors. Adverse drug events. These happen. But errors and injury are preventable. The Pill Pouch helps. The Pill Pouch is an effective tool to avoid such occurrences.

Get your Pill Pouch online NOW!

Today you can simplify! Tomorrow you can be in command!

Pill Pouch: A simple idea made to simplify medication management!

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