Thursday, April 9, 2015

Growing A New Companion For Healthy Daily Living - Strengths

The Pill Pouch grew out of our story, the story of our matriarch Stella Mazur. Together Stella and her daughter Kathi, looked to their own gifts, ingenuity and creativity to strengthen their relationship to each other, their medical community and to Stella’s medication.

Their simple, visual way helped Stella change her relationships to the ambiguous pills in her pill box. With the change in relationship came a growth in confidence, communication and her health.

Now that the Pill Pouch has been used by a lot of people that share a  similar story to Kathi and Stella including nurses, doctors and pharmacists, Pill Pouch is beginning our next phase of growth. We started by convening a community of daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, caregivers, nurses, pharmacists and students.

We focused on the strengths of the Pill Pouch and the opportunities the Pill Pouch has to help even more people that share the story of Stella and Kathi.

The strengths that were listed by the community are:
  • Simple
  • Unassuming
  • Familiar
  • Visual
  • Organized
  • Personalizable 
  • Accessible
  • Made In The USA
  • Facilitates Communication
  • Coordinates Care
  • Our Story - the story of Kathi and Stella
We want to take the gardening approach that is rooted in the strengths that already exist and now grow to meet the identified opportunities.  Next post will focus on the opportunities that the next adaptation of the Pill Pouch could grow to meet.   Please share your comments and experiences.

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