Friday, June 26, 2015

And they're off....

A person-directed medication education system.  After 11 weeks, many conversations, a phone conversation with a national leader in health and aging and a readmission summit it is clear we found the place where are story, experience and capacity makes the biggest impact.  As health care transitions to performance based care they will need to be patient-centered.  After hearing Cheri Lattimer speak at the readmission summit it was clear that it is deeper than a phrase and she talked about the future of health care being directed by the patient.  After all patients are people so we chose the words person-directed medication education system because every person is going to direct type of education, what will be delivered and even how it might be delivered.

Together with our community are building a system that will be simple, adaptable, personalized, hands-on and be in a language every person can understand.  Our definition of system in this case is the simple and familiar tools + the skill building hands-on experiential learning place where each person can build the skills, in a sustainable way, with the supportive tools to successfully manage their health at home by being knowledgeable, feeling confident and owning their independence.  It is also a place for the medical professional to share their experiences and express their individual abilities.

Together we looked at the roots of a successful, adaptable and sustainable system.  Like the roots of a oak tree these roots draw nutrients, keep the tree grounded and support its growth.

We looked at what tools, elements, guiding principles and goals or outcomes were needed for a successful, healthy, adaptable and sustainable system (below).

Each week we will focus on designing one of the elements or tools of the system.  Bleow is a list starting with 'Understanding A Person's Routine'.  Each week we will design one component of this system. 
  • Understanding Routine
  • Visual Med List
  • Pill Organizer
  • Medical History
  • Totem/Reminder
  • Identifying Skills and a Platform for hands-on learning
  • Awareness of personal goals
  • Understanding Context (Place)
  • Rewards 

 The one that we didn't record this week but I think is critical is; identifying the skills a person needs to learn to maintain their health and independence and having a place to learn hands-on with feedback from a coach to build long term capacity.

On July 10 we will bring our ideas, drafts, templates, mockups, prototypes for how to understand a person's routine and develop a detailed design.

See you on July 10.

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