Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hospital 2.0 = Learning Commons for the Sick and the Well

Follow me here ACA -> readmission prevention -> reduced Medicare Spending Per Beneficiary -> medical home -> patient's ability to self manage -> patient health literacy.

At the root is education.  Josh Luke, national leader in health care and readmission prevention, writes in his book Readmission Prevention, "patient self-management can be the most effective tactic if a patient and his caregiver comprehend the plan of care."  Patient and family education and their ability to be knowledgeable and confident in managing their condition and having the skills to do so is the 'most effective' way to transform our health systems and eliminate the above symptoms.  The primary function of our future health systems must be facilitating education.  

The future hospital will look more like an education center, a university, maybe more of a technical hands-on university, a learning commons.  Hospitals of the future will hire teachers, technical coaches, demonstration chefs, dietitians, gardeners and community volunteers will lead activities and personalize and empathetic information exchange.  The heart of the hospital will be hands-on learning commons where staff and community volunteers will support personalized information exchange and education to support people in our communities.

The future hospital will be a place where all practitioners will also work on prevention with community members and families coming to the "Hospital" or Community Health Learning Commons.  It won't just be about treatment but eventually these sterile industrial structures will evolve into welcoming place for the well.  

See you in the future.  

NOTE: Elderberry is working on a community design of an person directed education system that helps elder patients get and stay well at home.

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