Monday, April 20, 2015

Community Design A New Way To Innovation

The Pill Pouch has entered a phase.  A phase rooted in community design.  After almost 6 years from prototype to today the Pill Pouch is helping many that share a similar story to Kathi and Stella.  Just like living organisms grow, evolve and adapt so too the Pill Pouch is entering a stage of growth and evolution.  We are doing this in the context of community.

We invited mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandmothers, grandfathers, designers, refiners, nurses, pharmacists to work together, in community, and we asked them to share their experience, creativity and ingenuity to come up with the next adaption of the Pill Pouch.

We started by sharing stories of health stress and success. We then used these to together define the opportunities we are working toward.

 Two themes emerged.

  1. A way to talk about taboo topics with family (aging, death, living situation, driving, advance directives, making decisions, etc.) 
  2. Getting control and changing our relationship to medication

 We used these two themes, put on our designer hats and came up with ways we can use our individual experiences and talents to collectively solve these challenges.

Our journey has begun, in community, with individuals sharing their gifts and experiences together to create something new.  Now that we embarked on this journey we can't wait to experience what emerges.  

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