Wednesday, April 22, 2015

How To Draw Taking Meds?

Last week performed a community design activity called 'Draw Toast?'.  If you are interested in learning more check out this TEDx video.

It is a fun way to visualize each participants perspective and easily see patterns emerge.  Below is what emerged during our activity.  There were five interesting themes that we will explore more deeply.

The five themes that became more obvious once we performed this activity were:

1. Importance of Remembering Take or Not Taken

We had had a few solutions suggested during the activity like; documenting in a log or having a family member call to check in. 

2. Distractions Are Barriers

Distractions included a pet, busy schedule, how chores, and a phone call that can get us out of our routine and prohibit us from taking our medication.

3. Taking Medication Correctly Becomes Part of A Routine or Associated with an Activity

A new insight that was identified in few community members' drawings was associating medication to an activity or routine like teeth brushing or coffee making was a helpful.  

 4. Time and Information Have A Critical Relationship To Medication

Timing and other information are an important part of taking medication as prescribed.

 5. Water or A Beverage Were Always Associate With Taking Medication

It might seem obvious but taking medication is most often linked with drinking a beverage or water.  This could be something that is explored to further strengthen or create a deeper connection between the two.  

Finally, below is the summary of the nodes clustered together.  

Check out the Draw Toast website to learn more about this fun and helpful team centered activity to move your organization closer to its goals.  

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