Monday, June 8, 2015

What is the best way to learn?

There is so much debate around education and learning.  Direct instruct is the industrial model that has been around for a century.  Now there are new terms for new ways of learning decentralized learning, practical learning, unschooling, project based learning, simulated etc.

We can simplify it even further.  Think about how we learned the English language or how to walk or ride a bike.  Have you ever wanted to learn a new language?  There are many ways available but the consensus is get a girlfriend or boyfriend who speaks the language you want to learn.  There is a theme that exists in learning as a child or the best way to learn a new language as an adult....hands-on!  In the trenches.  With real-time feedback loops.  

When we learn something we become confident.  I recently built my own kitchen cabinets.  Before attempting to build cabinets I could barely operate a circular saw.  I was intimidated, scared, worried about spending too much money, waste material or the cabinets just not working.   So I built a small test cabinet with some scrap wood.  It wasn't perfect but I learned.  I was no longer intimidated because I built a rough yet functional cabinet.  I was now confident.  With that confidence and what I learned about building the test cabinet sprinkle in a touch of patience I build an entire set of kitchen cabinets.  This was hands-on learning.

This is just proof I am not lying and hands-on learning works
To bring this idea of hands-on learning to our work, somewhere near the core of my mom and grandma's story is to facilitate learning and skill building. The results are the development skills and confidence.  This week we are going to define whats at the core.  Attached are the themes that emerged from the summary of the series of community design sessions.  

Bring your examples of the best way to learn....

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